Initial Playground Safety Inspection

The California Playground Safety Regulations require that all existing playgrounds be inspected by a Certified Playground Safety Inspector before they are opened to the public.  The California Playground Regulations use the term Initial Inspection rather than the term Audit but the definitions are the same.

We perform the Initial Inspections (Audits); identify all non-compliant concerns and recommend modifications that will help you make your play area compliant. You will be provided with a detailed Initial Inspection Report for your files.

If modifications are minor you may be able to document the modifications by digital photo etc. and we can revise the reports to show that the project is compliant without additional cost.  If the modifications are more significant a re-inspection may be required and there will be a re-inspection fee.

When your facility meets the requirements of the California Playground Safety Regulations, we will provide you with a Certificate of Compliance stating that the Facility meets the requirements.

Please contact us for a quote for your project.